ShriGuru.Vamanan Sesshadri, a spiritualist and occultist, had an enormous impact on millions of Indians worldwide. He is a brilliant remedial astrologer who transformed many lives by giving mind-blowing solutions beyond conventional methods. He empowers people to conduct rituals, poojas, and homams on their own to achieve their most significant potential. 

He is the most prolific Tamil author in the study of astrology and occultism, where he brought the planets and stars down to earth and has given excellent time-tested remedies in his books. His most profound books are Saneeswara Ragasiyangal, Manthira Ragasiyangal, Thanthreega Ragasiyangal Part 1 and Part 2. 

He is truly a genius, ShriGuru, masters in various other subjects like Numerology, ESP, Panchapakshi, Telekinesis, Law of Attraction, money attraction runes, and White Magick Spells, Vedic Fire Rituals, Sigils, Angel & Healing Modalities, Tantric Breathing Techniques, Reiki, and many more. He has devoted his time by giving free talks to help individuals to liberate themselves from problems. There are also sites in English such as occultremedies.com, attracteverything.com, and learnmoneyreiki.com, where he shares lots of precious knowledge with the public. His ultimate goal is to bring bliss into people's life by eliminating ignorance.

ShriGuru has also successfully predicted the 2019 World Cup on JayaPlus TV several times. He has given interviews in well-known Tv programs "Moondravatu Kann" and other channels like Sankara TV and Puthuyugam TV in numerous spiritual and astrological programs. He has recently given an interview in Popular Tamil Digital Media "Kumudam" and was welcomed worldwide. He is also featuring in his own YouTube Channels called "Vamanan Sesshadri" and "Attract Everything" with powerful daily rituals to resolve various personal and professional issues. 

And due to repeated requests by many, he has established a website called Poojaproducts.com which features 100% authentic Pooja, Tantric, Astrology Remedial products. Some of the products are exclusively designed by ShriGuru himself with the Divine intervention, which you can't find anywhere globally. He has a team of professional purohits well-versed with the Vedic Scriptures in conducting poojas and homams. Many of his followers have benefited from powerful poojas,homams, and due to their high demands, he has set up a website called Poojahomams.org for greater convenience. 

ShriGuru is available for direct consultations two times a week on Wednesday and Saturday, while consultations are on Tuesday and Friday through telephone/WhatsApp/e-mail and online. Having an empathetic and cheerful personality, ShriGuru.Vamanan Sesshadri listens attentively to his client's problem and gives impressive consultation. With his extraordinary psychic abilities, he writes various types of astrology reports with his unique recommendations and powerful remedies, which are highly enlightening and bring excellent outcomes into one's life.

If you feel aimless or looking forward to a significant shift in your life, opt for his consultations immediately.

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