Astrology Remedies For Money

Learn Astrology Remedies for Money from our Vishnu Puranam to increase our wealth status. This formula is from Vishnu Puranam, Our Guru Astrologer Vamanan Sesshadri has created a sum using the formula; we are going to follow that sum and enjoy all the benefits.

Things Believed – Vishnu Puranam:

Vishnu Puranam is one of the ancient and medieval texts, in that, one of the stanzas they have explained about powers in our hands. It is believed that all divine powers (DEVAS and DEVATAS) stay in our hands, and Goddess MahaLakshmi is residing in our every fingertip.

Usually, some people wake up in the morning by watching their hands and start doing their routine work; these things are mentioned in Vishnu Puranam. Some use to say when we watch our hands; we can enhance more luck.

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To know the Method:

Things required for Astrology Remedies : 

Take 6 – 1 rupee coins of the same size and Brass plate (NO ALTERNATE).

When to start: 

An auspicious day to start this Astrology Remedies For Money is on Friday morning from 6 to 7 am, and from the next day, we can follow any time.

People living in other countries use their currency coins, and all the six coins should be of the same size.

First, take a brass plate and all the six 1 rupee coins, place 1 rupee coin in the middle or centre of the vessel, Keep the rest of the five coins around it. Don't worry about the sides in the coin. You can keep the coins on any side.


How to Do 

When you wake up and after taking a bath in the morning, first light the lamps in the pooja room. Then place the brass plate with coins near the Goddess MahaLakshmi photo. 

Hold all the five fingertips together on your dominant hand and take a rice drop of turmeric powder. You have to pray Goddess Mahalakshmi and chant the below mantras by holding the turmeric powder in your hand.




Chant both mantras six times. 

While doing this Astrology Remedies For Money, After chanting the mantras, you should pray to god, with intending your desires for fulfillment and then drop that turmeric powder in any one of the coins in the plate. If any turmeric powder remains in your hand, try to drop it in the vessel or apply it in your forehead, and we have to offer Prasad to Money Goddess Maha Lakshmi.

The brass plate which is near Money Goddess MahaLakshmi photo should be dust-free, and if required, you can close the vessel. Like Vishnu Paadham, we worship, the brass plate with coins as Maha Lakshmi Paadham, so we have to protect it safely. We can attain all the benefits by following this Astrology Remedies.

You have to follow these regularly without fail; Once in 3 months or six months, we have to drop the coins with turmeric in the nearby lake or river or running water.  


 Know the Reason:

Why are we dropping the coins and turmeric powder into the river? We are doing pooja to Maha Lakshmi and offering the same as Prasad to the Goddess by dropping it in the river.  

Here Goddess Maha Lakshmi residing in all the things we used – Our Fingertips, coins, turmeric and river/lake.

After dropping the coins, we can get back the plate, wash it off and start doing the process from the next day. Everyone in the family can do this Method. The given mantras are very easy to learn so that we can teach the kids, and they can also do it. 

By following these Astrology Remedies for Money, we can gain the things required and increase our wealth status. 

Astrology : For Government Job 

Know how to get promotion in office, favorite job, job transfer, good salary, government job through Astrology Remedies and even people who are searching for employment, can follow this process.

You can use this for all sort of "JOB" related issues. There might be companies who hold the payments of the employees, for any reasons, by following this Method we can release those payments. It is a simple ritual through which you can fulfil all your needs.

The number of days within which it will start working, cannot be predicted, as it is, based on the desires of each person or according to the depth level of the intention.

How to Do this : 

Take the certificates, medals which you've won in school and college levels and also the prizes and awards won in your office competitions. In case you don't have any of these things, you can take your final schooling certificate, final year college certificate or first appointment order. 

Take those things either stick it or frame it and place on the central south wall of the house. It has to the predominant south corner of the house, and it is also difficult to place everything on the wall. You can put anything you wish and watch it how much ever maximum time possible.

There might a question, to get a job or promotion, why should we follow these things. Because, these things will not only help you to move to the next level, but it will also boost you to reach, higher grades; you will start getting popular, and then there will be an increase in money flow. Astrology Remedies for Money is effective Method and works very fast for job-related queries.

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For Govt.Jobs :

People who are trying to get government jobs can get ASHOKA STAMBH with National flag in any of the stationary shops or quickly get through online shopping. It has to be placed only on the east corner of the house.

There is no need to put it on the south corner along with those medals or certificates.

Generally placing ASHOKA STAMBH in the east corner will help in various aspects even it helps psychologically.


As per Chinese Vastu (FENG SHUI), it is a fact that placing of certificates, medals and even the certificates won in competitive exams on the south corner of the house will boost your energy level. So that you can achieve all your desires in the job.

Follow this Astrology Remedies for Money and get all your desires in the job through this simples.

Astrology Remedies : Increase Power of Planet Venus

Remedies for Money Method to increase the power of Venus (SHUKRAN) in our public Life. 

It is okay if the women in the house do it. This process should not be shared with anyone except the husband and not even with the kids.

Do this process for six weeks; based on the effects, you can continue doing it. It contains many secretive contents, and some things if we do without anyone's knowledge, only then we can attain all the benefits and avoid Evil eye Problems. 

Because of Evil eye of other things will not work when we share with others who have some evil intention; 

To increase money and the power of Venus in our home and to attain all the comforts like the sofa, bungalow, and car and if you prefer to live a luxurious life, you can start doing this process on Friday.


You might feel tough while starting it, because as you have to procure three things. These things are readily available in the market, and some may have these things in their house.






ROCK SUGAR (DIAMOND KALKANDU)                          

Because All these things contain Venus power.


Lotus (White or Pink) – 50%,

Hibiscus – 25% 

Henna Leaves – 25%

In simple, using hands, you have to take a handful of henna leaves, a handful of Hibiscus and twice a handful of Lotus. These things are readily available in the herbal shop. 

Some people, use Lotus flower to pray Goddess Lakshmi, you can remove the stem and take the leaves by making it dry. Have all the items in Mixer jar and add rock sugar to it and grind till it mixes well. 

These things can be even ground in the flour mill to avoid any damage to your appliance.

Day: Friday


 Friday (MORNING – 6 am TO 7 am, AFTERNOON - 1 pm TO 2 pm AND NIGHT- 8 pm TO 9 pm)

As said earlier, we should not share the ingredients, but we can use it before others.

 Everyone has the practice to show dhoop on Friday, and it is good to show to the whole house. 

Without others, knowledge adds the prepared ingredients into the dhoop and cover the entire house and also the eight directions of the house.  

By doing these Astrology Remedies for Money, we can increase money flow and attain all the things required in our Life. 

TC : Smt. Radha Karthik


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