vasiyam seivathu eppadi

Those who are new to this site are requested to read my article on VASIYAM SEIVATHU EPPADI IN TAMIL to get some basic understanding. Regarding VASIYAM, we've to follow some rules as per manthrigam and thanthrigam, without which we can't get many benefits. 

As already informed, I've given many Videos on that but never said those things because those spells consist of so many methods, not only manthrigam or thanthrigam. 

For VASIYAM, a Tantrik or mantric should choose only Sunday and direction as North. And if it is not Sunday, he can select VALARPIRAI SAPTAMI thithi, Waxing Moon 7th day. 

Starting to cast the VASIYAM on this thithi is very much crucial after comes direction and day. We can't expect SAPTAMI Sundays always. Sometimes it happens too. Then that day is very much powerful to cast VASIYAM.

VASIYAM SEIVATHU EPPADI-As per my experience, herbs, and mantras works very much better than yantras. But using the same is tricky. One cannot keep the herb for a long time to do PRAYOGA of VASIYAM because the energy may soon lose its power. 

If the same mantric or Tantrik is doing the PRAYOGA, then there won't be a problem. Regarding YANTRAS, the person who wishes to cast this on someone will benefit if we keep some specific yantras behind his pillow while sleeping or use the yantra to take a bath!! Yes!! There are yantras, which you've to place in bath water and take a bath every day. YANTRAS are not all limited to just hanging on the wall or keeping it in the pooja altar. 

While looking for VASIYAM SEIVATHU EPPADI (to attract someone or influence someone), One must remember a thumb rule. Whomsoever may be the matric or Tantrik; certain things will take certain days to start working. 

For Example, if one capable person starts the same in the above-said thithi, direction or day will benefit within 45-72 days after the spell is done. But Most of the persons who seek VASIYAM SEIVATHU EPPADI are greedy and want things to happen immediately, gets disappointed with the Tantrik, and start their journey of window shopping towards others Tantrik or Tantrik. 

What about giving VASIYA MARUNTHU for VASIYAM? Will it work?? I know too many Siddha medicinal and folk herb remedy practitioners throughout India. Giving certain herbs to attract somebody is not possible entirely. 

If a mantric or herb practitioner gives VASIYA MARUNTHU, it'll work only according to the opposite person's tri doshas. That is based on their Vata Pitta and Kapha. But this VASIYA MARUNTHU will indeed work as a Placebo effect on the person who seeks help and will raise his energies, induce aroma in his aura, and see which may be the opposite person may fall for his love. Again, those who wish to Know the BASICS of VASIYAM SEIVATHU EPPADI are requested to click and read this article first. 


What about PHOTO VASIYAM? I can't stop laughing when I see somebody say this word and relating it to thathrigam. Sometimes, I couldn't control my anger too. 

vasiyam seivathu eppadi in tamil

Thanthrigam is a divine subject taught to parameshwari by Parameswaran, Devi by krodha Bairava, Ravana by Maheshwara, and so on; there is much more. There's nothing to do with thanthrigam and PHOTO VASIYAM. But I accept one thing. One can do miracles by this PHOTO VASIYAM method, and it involves dedication, trust, and intense desire. 

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At last, there are so many other occult science modalities such as Hypnotism, Hypnosis, ESP, psychokinesis, and the name is long. 

Now Let's see about VASIYAM from VASIYA MAI: Is it Possible to attract someone by just keeping something with us or in our forehead as tilak? Yes, it's possible.

 It's very much potential with the help of particular herbs and particular mantras. Suppose a mantric or Tantrik gives VASIYA MAI or ANJANAM, for Success in love or any other. In that case, it will work for a particular period if the person who is going to wear maintains specific discipline in keeping the tilak and placing it in a sacred place. 

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These instructions should be provided first by the Tantrik to the sadhana. But nowadays, people started selling these precious items in journals and youtube. But not to worry, anyway, it's not going to work.


One must use pure items while preparing and procuring VASIYA MAI, without which it'll not work. Tantrik might have practised the mantra several thousand times and attained the siddhi of the mantra. Then only he becomes eligible to give the VASIYA MAI to others. 


Tantriks who aim Higher POWERS through mantra sadhana will never even come near this mantra sadhana because it's just MATERIALISTIC ALONE. Certain tantriks keep Disciples with them by teaching this powerful materialistic mantra sadhana and preparing the VASIYA MAI through them.

What are the items? Even though I can not list everything, I'll share a few of them for making pure VASIYA MAI. 

Gorochana, Machakal, Kasturi, Punugu, Aragaja, Seedevi Sengaluneer are a few of them. Most of them expect this VASIYA MAI for 1000 or 2000 rupees but original GOROCHAN used for medicinal purposes itself will cost you 3500 per gram, then how come you can give this for just a few rupees or dollars ?? 

People who expect this kind of Tilaks for VASIYAM or VICTORY must know also. Understand well about this, without which we cannot stop the pirated market of this too. 

I'll continue writing on this and VASIYAM and SEIVINAI (Psychic Attack), manthrigam, thanthrigam, etc., whenever time permits. Your Healthy Comments on this (even if it's debatable) are always welcome !!  


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