Sahadevi Mooligai

In recent years, the quality of life has changed a lot. People are starting to stray More and more away from astrological and spiritual beliefs. Sahadevi Mooligai (Herb) plant is a plant of great spiritual and astrological importance in Indian tradition. This plant has been used since ancient times to treat and develop the spiritual values inside a person. This plant is set to attract the most divine God's energy towards itself which can clean the environment of any evil power.

Astrological beliefs of Sahadevi Mooligai (Herb) plants

Sahadevi Mooligai (Herb) plant is a very sacred plant; moreover, it is called the queen of the herb family. It has its importance in humanity in many spiritual and medicinal ways. It attracts God's energy and purifies the mind and soul of a person. As stated by Vastu Shastra, planting sahadevi plants in your house brings divine positive energy into your home. Considering the researches made by the ayurvedic studies, by consuming sahadevi's leaves, one can get rid of stress and cold. 

Sahadevi Mooligai (Herb) plant origin and uses

The Sahadevi plant is also known as Vernonia Cinerea, and it belongs to the Asteraceae family. It is known as purple fleabane or little ironweed. It is a small shrub found in temperate regions in India. This short-height plant has been the reason for many spiritual beliefs in India. For example, this plant was used as a sacred plant at ceremonies like marriage since the times of gods because it is said that the Sahadevi plant can defeat evil with a positive aura.

Since ancient times this plant has been burned at several auspicious ceremonies according to Indian tradition to attract God's energy. People also believe that this plant can correct any astrological faults in your Kundli, enhancing your quality of Life. Thus, people have seen several benefits of keeping this plant inside a house as it is one of the sacred plants per Indian mythology.

Spiritual uses of Sahadevi Mooligai (Herb) plant

People of this era quickly become victims of negative energy due to their frantic daily routine, leading them into a dark space, thus draining their motivation and positivity. Our ancestors have been using plants for thousands of years to heal our bodies, mind, and spirit. Sahadevi Mooligai (Herb) plant symbolizes fertility and love as its leaves resemble a heart. It also acts as a protector of the family and keeps negativity out of our house. Its essential oil clears the conscious mind and also improves memory. 

Talking about the traditional way, this plant was burned in front of gods and goddesses. When it was burned, it produced a powerful cleansing and purifying aroma, thus wiping the negativity. This plant has a supernatural power of palliating negative energy. By placing this plant in a room, one can heal the negative energy, especially if one is going through mental or physical turmoil. It helps us control our emotions and improves the quality of our sleep at night.

Some benefits of which Sahadevi Mooligai (Herb) Plant is famous for:

●      It gives positive energy – This plant has a lot of benefits. The foremost is how it provides positive energy when kept inside a house. It is also said that this plant can ward off evil spirits.

●      Provides spiritual purity – Surrounding yourself with the Saha Devi plant Can help you attract God's energy inside you. According to Ayurvedic studies, it is found that this plant can provide spiritual harmony and increase your concentration power. 

●      Helps in achieving spiritual harmony – The Sahadevi Mooligai (Herb) plant improves the quality of the environment and provides a lot of positive energy, which enhances Life. You can also attain peace and happiness with a healthy living environment.

●      It also corrects astrological faults – It is said if we Worship this plant, it can remove the adverse effects of planets on our lives. People can now have confidence while making any decision in their Life.

●      Improves fertility – Sahadevi plant helps in curing male and female infertility. It helps in the smooth function of the reproductive organs in their respective bodies.

●      It has many health and wealth benefits – It is said that planting a Sahadevi Mooligai (Herb)plant at your home can bring great wealth to your Life. It is also believed that this plant can positively affect a person's health as it attracts positive energy.

●      Treats insomnia – The soothing nature of this herb is one of its best qualities. It reduces stress and improves the quality of sleep, which can overly increase a person's productivity.

Sahadevi, not only a healer herb but also a plant of positive energy

 Apart from its excellent benefits in treating deadly diseases, the Sahadevi Mooligai (Herb) plant has also been renowned for correcting dosh in someone's Kundli. It is said that it provides an aura of spiritual importance which binds our soul with our body. This plant has been the reason for peace and harmony within living beings since ancient times. Today, many astrologers have seen its impact on human minds, once grown in a household.

How to take the doses of Sahadevi Mooligai (Herb) plant at home

Sahadevi herb can be used in the following easy ways:-

● You can make fresh juice of sahadevi herb at home in a food processor and drink it

(10 – 12 )ml

● You can make a power of it for external use (5 – 10) grams.

Bottom Line

So, in the present era, if one wants to stay fit and healthy, he must carefully and correctly live his Life. We have to look at what we are eating or drinking seriously. Even the air we are inhaling is not safe anymore. It is filled with pollutants. We should depend more on nature for the betterment of our Life. Astrology has a solution for almost everything, but it's a slow process, and people want faster results, so they are heading towards fake beliefs. 

But they are missing that everything comes with a price and the prices one has to pay for these fake beliefs are (high medication cost, severe side-effects, etc.). But let's talk about the natural advantages of the Saha Devi plant. Then, we can rest assured because it is scientifically proven that this plant has successfully provided spiritual harmony to thousands of people who believe in its spiritual importance.

See Video in Tamil to Know other Uses of Sahadevi Mooligai 

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