POWER OF SEMBU MURUGAN : Copper (SEMBU) possesses a remarkable ability to draw in positive energies and invoke divine blessings, rendering it an ideal choice for crafting sacred copper (SEMBU) idols. Its radiant visage and distinctive chemical characteristics have earned it a hallowed status in Hinduism, tracing its roots back to ancient times. This sacred metal, imbued with the power of purification, holds significance in both the material and spiritual realms.

The captivating allure of copper (SEMBU) lies in its unique capability to harness the essence of all deities, channeling their divine presence.

Copper (SEMBU), with its inherent virtue, has the profound capacity to absorb pure spiritual energy, which makes it a symbol of auspiciousness and divine favor.

Copper's (SEMBU) extraordinary property extends to its ability to eradicate up to 70% of Raja-Tama elements. 

Embracing an energized SEMBU MurugaN idol in your home or office's sacred puja room, who governs the realm of Planet Angaraka (Mars/Sevvai), holds the power to dispel the shadows cast by negative influences. This benevolent deity assists in alleviating karmic financial burdens, resolving conflicts and enmities, as well as safeguarding against health adversities and accidents. The presence of this divine idol becomes a beacon of hope and protection, infusing your space with spiritual harmony and blessings.


🌟 Don't Miss Out on Sevvai Homam this September! 🌟

This September, as the auspicious Sevvai Jayanti approaches, we're thrilled to announce a transformative event that promises to ignite your spirit and fill your life with positive energies! 🌄

🔥 Sevvai Homam - Igniting Your Inner Fire 🔥

On this sacred day, we are conducting a powerful Sevvai Homam that will set your soul ablaze with vitality and courage. The flames of this homam symbolize the ignition of your inner potential, your courage, and your unwavering determination. It's a rare opportunity to tap into the dynamic energies of Sevvai (Mars) and channel them for your own empowerment. 🌠

108 Sembu Murugan - Guardians of Your Well-being

As an extraordinary addition to this event, we will have 108 divine Sembu Murugan idols gracing the puja. These exquisite idols, lovingly crafted, represent the embodiment of protection and blessings from Lord Muruga himself. They'll stand as guardians of your well-being, watching over you and your loved ones, ensuring your path is filled with positivity and grace. 🙏

🌟 Prana Pooja - Infusing Life Energy 🌟

Our Sembu Murugan Prana Pooja ritual is the heart and soul of this event. It's the moment where your connection with the divine becomes palpable. With devotion and dedication, we will infuse these sacred idols with life energy, breathing vitality into your deepest desires and aspirations. It's an emotional and spiritual journey like no other. 🌈

Mars, the cosmic fireball known as Angaraka in the sacred realm of Vedic astrology, blazes a trail of significance that you won't want to miss. This celestial dynamo embodies unbridled initiative, unwavering courage, indomitable fortitude, and an unrelenting vitality that propels us to conquer life's challenges head-on. Angaraka, affectionately referred to as Bhumi karaka, holds the key to our ability to savor life's material treasures, and it's believed that the mighty Lord Muruga presides over this celestial powerhouse.

The Story of Angaraka: A Tale That Ignites Your Imagination

In the annals of ancient scriptures, an entrancing narrative unfolds, revealing the origins of Angaraka, the fiery force. Picture Lord Shiva, lost in deep meditation, temporarily separated from the divine embrace of Goddess Parvati. A solitary bead of sweat descends from his third eye, touching the earthly realm below. In this sacred moment, that droplet metamorphoses into an innocent child, lovingly nurtured by none other than Bhudevi, the Earth Goddess. This child, infused with cosmic fire, evolves into the formidable deity known by many names—Chevvai, Kuja, and Bowma. The essence of Mars mirrors the passionate and fiery facets of our human nature.

The Power of Angaraka Unleashed

Failure to align Angaraka favorably in your horoscope may result in a cascade of tribulations. Debts, ailments, and fractious relationships may ensue. Conversely, when Mars graces your horoscope with its benevolence, it bestows a treasure trove of attributes: tenacity, recuperative prowess, and a shrewd business acumen.

Who Should Partake in the Angaraka Preethi Homam?

Are you ready for this rare celestial journey? The Angaraka Preethi Homam beckons to those who seek the favor of Angaraka, and particularly those who identify with the following signs:

Angaraka Dasa/Bhuddi: If the celestial compass of your horoscope points to Angaraka Dasa or Bhuddi, this homam offers solace and relief.

Weak Angaraka Position: For individuals with a Mars placement that lacks its full vigor, this ceremony can be a transformative boon.

Kuja Dosha (Manglik Dosha): The magnetic pull of Kuja Dosha, that astrological jolt, finds resolution through this sacred homam, ensuring your celestial balance.

Benefits of the Angaraka Homam: Don't Let Others Seize These Blessings!

This isn't just another ritual; it's a journey towards empowerment:

Marital Harmony: Marital discord dissolves as harmony takes its place.
Kuja Dosha Mitigation: Bid farewell to the negative influences of Kuja Dosha.
Angaraka Graha Harmony: Tame the tempestuous forces of Angaraka within your horoscope.
Debt Alleviation: Financial burdens dissolve, liberating you from the chains of debt.
Protection from Adversaries: A shield against malefic energies and the envious eye.
Conflict Resolution: Long-standing disputes find amicable resolutions.
Rediscover Joy: Embrace a life filled with renewed peace and happiness.

The Angaraka (Mars) Homam, observed on the sacred Angaraka (Chevvai) Jayanthi, represents an unmissable cosmic spectacle. It's a powerful ritual tailored for those navigating specific astrological challenges linked to the fiery realm of Mars. 🌟🔥🙏

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