Tamil Manthrigam: What are all we can achieve? 

tamil manthrigam

Let's start with a question to you all? How Tamil Manthirgam began to, that is, the root point of Manthrigam. Anybody Knows here ??

And here I mention Tamil Manthrigam because people started using Christian manthrigam, Telugu manthirgam, Muslim manthrigam, Kannada manthrigam, and Malayala manthirgam, and so on. The list is Huge. 

I've heard about Malayala manthrigam from my childhood itself (now I know what it is), but others are strange even now apart from one or two. So here it's a compulsion for me to use Tamil Manthrigam. 

In my other article, I mentioned my interview with one of the leading channels about manthrigam and thanthrigam. Here I wish to share a little on that. I want to cover my understanding and experience on Tamil Manthrigam and the areas it's still popular, and in what areas Tamil Manthrigam will positively help. 


Here in Tamilnadu, Kollimaalai, Parvathamalai, and sadhuragiri are famous for a few real mantriks and siddhars. In cities and towns of other areas, very few are there, that too they don't reveal themselves having certain powers. 

There is no proper AUTHENTIC SOURCE  NOW known to everybody for Tamil Manthrigam. Most of the techniques and real scriptures are gone, and some are manipulated by cheap book publishers and fake gurus. 

It was taught from generation to generation in previous days. After atheism started ruling most people's minds and the continuous negative preaching about this art, it started vanishing. With a few of the left techniques, certain mantriks started manipulating this for negative things. 

That is why I keep on saying that manthrigam is a real superpower art, but what fake mantriks are teaching now is not. Manthrigam was an art of attaining superpowers through straight forward methods with rare herbs and mani, mantra, oushadham that is Ratna, mantra, and medicine. Our siddhars are wonderfully crafted, invented this art for doing various good deeds to ordinary people and kings and certain low-level Sushma Swaroopas. 

For kings, they help with Manthrigam for war-related and other subtle matters and for the public to get protection from poisonous herbs, creatures, insects, and violent animals. 

Through manthrigam techniques and Sara Kalai (tantric breathing techniques), we can attain ashta siddhis. 

What are Ashta Siddhis? (8 Super Powers) 

Ashta Siddhis are:

1. Aṇimā:

Ability to decrease the size of their human body, sometimes even to the size of the atoms. ('Becoming younger than the tiniest' as described in Srimad Bhagavatam by Lord Krishna)

Example: Hanuman had reduced the size of the body while he was looking for Sita in Lanka.

2. Mahima:

Ability to assume that a colossal kind ('Becoming larger than the biggest' as explained in Srimad Bhagavatam by Lord Krishna)

Case in Point:

Hanuman presumed a huge form to burn off Lanka. He also supposed enormous form to combat Kumbha Karna

At Vaamana avatar Lord Vishnu increased his form That Was so gigantic that it only took him three measures to pay all three worlds

3. Garima

Ability to become very heavy in weight by own will.

Example: Lord Hanuman made his tail very heavy that Bhima couldn't live it (Bhima, who was climbing the GandhaMadana hills for Saugandhika blossoms for Draupadi, was halted by a monkey whose tail was about the way, Bhima orders the monkey to take the tail off the Street, the monkey being old tells him to transfer it himself. However, Bhima could not even lift the monkey's tail)

4. Laghima

Laghima comes in the word laghu, meaning light or small. (I used to give so many laghu worship methods, including ancestor ones, in my Tamil videos) Laghima can create the body very light ('Becoming milder than the most ignorant'). Levitation and flying from the atmosphere are its subsidiary powers

5. Prāpti

Word praapthi signifies to get ', 'having obtained,' 'to have got.' Thus praapthi is the capability to acquire anything anywhere.

6. Prākāmya

The capability to obtain whatever wanted, ability to have realized the dreams

7. Iṣiṭva

Iṣa=god; isitva=lordship; The energy of total lordship over the entire creation

8. Vaśitva

The ability to get everything under control, especially the physical manifestation composed of 5 elements.

These are high-level supernatural powers or Sidhi's, which arrive with the highest degree of religious or yogic accomplishment. Thus, it's almost impossible for an average person to reach them. 

Even in this Kaliyuga, the sage called SAKKARAI AMMA performed LAGHIMA when she was in this universe. Check out here my video on SAKKARAI AMMA in Tamil. Her temple is in thiruvanmiyur, Chennai.

How to Pray the Goddess of Wealth             


Certain enlightened spiritual masters say that these siddhis are the greatest impediment for attaining a higher spiritual plane in one's life. Those sayings are for ordinary people living a mundane life. From the above example of Hanuman and Sakkarai Amma, we can very well come to that conclusion.

One can attain some part of the above siddhis through Tamil Manthrigam, like being very much intuitive and knowing the part of future much ahead by simply doing Upasana of certain deities and following certain mantras strictly by avoiding non-vegetarian food, keeping clean and taking sattvic foods, and by maintaining celibacy for a certain period not only physically but also mentally.


 I always encourage one who wishes to attain certain powers to start with Nadi shudhi pranayama and Anapanasati ( Breadth watching technique). It's not only primary but also mandatory. By doing poojas and chanting several mantras, we can lead a very peaceful, harmonious, and wealthy life but not a supernatural or superpower one. And the main thing is that one should not disclose whatever the power he has even to his close ones.  

Traditional Guru parampariya or guru parampara, as well as guru bhakti, is rare to find nowadays. Without Guru bhakti, not only Tamil manthrigam, any manthrigam that is getting a superpower is not possible. Finding the real Guru is also a tough task in the current scenario—many Ctrl+V Copy cats and Fake gurus everywhere. 

Another common myth prevailing everywhere :

A true astrologer or mantrik/tantric or Guru should not charge many. Charging money from disciples or followers will lessen their powers. This is mere stupidity. In the olden days, the general public used to help their living by providing them with good food, a place to live, and by showing their unconditional love and bhakti. 

Where to find all those in this current situation? 

One will starve to death if he tries to do so, helping others with their powers and doing nothing to earn. But still, there are certain siddhars out there. Not they'll just not help you in a single sitting or few sitting with them. 

One should have a determined mind and mental ability to learn those, and if he's ready, the Guru will show in front of him. Again it's his own duty to identify them and utilize them for good. 

I'm signing off here. If you people like this and wish to know more on manthrigam or other rare occult modalities, just give a comment in detail to write more on the same. 



Parthasarathy said…
Thanks Sir for the valuable insight.
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Pls, continue Guruji.....
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Shalu said…
Interesting! Yes pls write more on the same topic .
Manimegalai said…
Thank you so much Guruji...Thanks for giving us a valuable one...God bless you for your wonderful selfless service 🙏🙏🙏
Ganpat said…
Quite an interesting article Gurujji, barring a few spelling mistakes. Having got used to your videos where you explain everything in detail to the minutest points, I was searching for an explanation of the images of lady with the black candle and others. i am sure, someday in future you will teach us the significance of the techniques that match these images. Definitely we all love to hear from you more on this and eagerly await the same.
Thanks, Ganpat, for your reply. Instead of straightaway asking what's the role of that image in content, you've subtly conveyed the same. Good. Girl with the candle image is nothing, but she's casting a spell of witchcraft and the subject more or less about the same, so I selected. Other Reasons: Since I don't find any copyright-free images related to that from southern culture, and also thought it'll kindle the interest of so many people to read, I posted that. Even though I'll write more on manthrigam or thanthrigam, there's nothing I've to write about the image more than one which I've explained here.
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