My entire lifetime is not sufficient to talk about Varahi Amman. So I include the most crucial details in this informative article. I've given a detailed description of the Varahi mantras and the Nivedhanams, which she likes most like that in Tamil and English in this same blog. Specific divine energies push me to write on her more now. Those who wish to know the laghu pooja methods of Varahi Amman can see my Videos Here

varahi amman

I'm after chandi maa and did many Chandi homam's and will do more in the future. I've never thought about making videos on varahi or writing about her till a year back. Her divine force made me do that. After seeing the videos and blog posts, many people became her devotee and started seeing her miracles. At one time, worshippers of Varahi Amman filled my official Whatsapp and telegram app with the photos and poojas of how they did after seeing the laghu pooja Videos. 

After a little explanation about her, I'll explain whether we can keep her image or idol in the house, whether we can eat non-veg while worshipping her, like simple doubts. 

Please Note: Listening or Reading about her itself will bring great relief from mundane karmic bondages. 

The female form of Varaha is Varahi herself. Since Varaha as an avatar of Lord Vishnu, Varahi is the avatar of Goddess Lakshmi. The Buddhist Goddesses called Vajravarahi and Marichi were originated from her.

There were in 7 Matrikas Vaishnavi (a ferocious form of Goddess Lakshmi and Shakti of Lord Vishnu), Varahi, Narasimmi, Vinayaki, Kaumari, Brahmani, Maheshwari, Chamunda, and Indrani. However, Vinayaki and Narasimmi are inserted afterwards. 

The Saptamatrka group is, thus, composed of 2 Vaishnava Shaktis (Vaishnavi and Varahi); two Shaiva Shaktis (Maheshwari and Kaumari); one Brahmi Shakthi, in addition to Indrani (Andri) and Chamunda. It's a set of six Deva Shaktis plus actually yet one Devi Shakthi, which makes it into an incorporated unit of seven. (That is, in some traditions, it is seven and in some 8)

Varahi Amman is the fourth largest of those seven Matrikas. Like how nearly all ancient civilizations and customs worshipped snake gods/goddesses, varahi is every bit as famous. She occupies a particular place in matrikas because she eliminates her devotees' dependence and impurities, uplifts the excellent qualities in them, and lifts them. 

Varahi Amman has worshipped in many forms. 

Four, Eight palms, or Supervisory Arms generally. Varahi is Comparable to Bagalamukhi, one of Dasamahavidyas and Ajna Chakra from the Body. She's the ruler of this South direction, and Mars in astrology, Ruler of Yama, as well as her Vahana(vehicle), is a male buffalo. She's the representation of superior behaviour within us. 

Varahi Amman describes one of those various Matrika Shaktis created by Rudra to destroy the clones that spawned from Andhaka's entire body. Accordingly, Andhakasura tried to abduct Girajanandhini (Parvati) and thus ensued a fierce battle between Andhakasura and the god Rudra, the Lord of all Uma. Much like raktabija, each drop of blood that fell from the body of Andhaka generated another Asura such as him, and in no time, the whole world was full of Andhakas. To destroy the growing variety of Andhakas, Rudra created innumerable Matrika Shaktis (Varahi Amman). 

These Shaktis of immense energy at once started to drink every drop of blood that flowed from the entire body of Andhaka, but they could still not effectively restrain the evolution of more and more demons.

There are two kinds - Varthali maha vidya and Dandini maha vidya that are lesser-known kinds, however strong. 
varahi amman at nepal

Worshipping Swapna varahi provides you with an understanding of past, current, and future through visions. Worshipping Brihat varahi provides you with the capacity for performing any fantastic tasks efficiently and efficiently, and Sweta varahi eliminates impurities from you and provides Uttam gatis following departure. Worshipping Maha varahi provides asthma Aishwarya along with astha siddhis.


Individuals who have feeble Lagna or issues linked to Mars or Rahu or even Chandra within their pursuit will get benefitted by worshipping her. One whose livelihood is associated with Media, Administration, Social welfare, and services must worship her. Her worship is a must for individuals afflicted by disputes associated with water, land, court cases, tension, and thyroid-associated ailments or ailments and addictions. She's also the control of the glands in the human body.

Varahi could be worshipped in equally Dakshinachara and Vamachara. ( Popularly known as Right and Left-hand Path). 

Panchami Thithi is a Special day to her. An individual can provide anything as naivedyam for her in laghu pooja. Worship her with crimson hibiscus or Datura blossoms on Wednesday. Her homam is performed with sunflower seeds/white chopped seeds/sesame seeds. She bestows riches and prosperity and eliminates infertility if a person features butter, pomegranate, food, or curry things composed of sesame seeds. 

She principles the time from night 12 P.M. to 4 A.M. and suits easily if a person worships her at the moment. The famous temples are in Varanasi, Sapta Matrika temple near Omkareswar, 64 yogini temple of Hirapur at Orissa, a temple at Ganga Sagar of both West Bengal and at Tanjavur Brihadeeswara temple and Kanchipuram Pallur, Tamilnadu.

Some significant things about Varahi Amman :

She can bestow agraha in addition to anugraha. It's contingent upon the tantric for what motive he's performing the prayoga. If she gets angry, then it's impossible to escape. So it's a warning for tantriks.

If somebody does Varahi Amman sadhana and attempts to boast themselves thinking she'll help or attempts to control other people in the name of Varahi Amman, they'll face horrible consequences.

varahi mantra

Men and women who have good previous karmas and lucky and have maha yogam may get siddhi by performing varahi sadhana. An ordinary person can't ever have the ability to receive that.

There is a famous saying:" stay far from the gaze of a Kali sadhak (will burn you only with a gaze)"

contending using Bagala sadhaka (can paralyze you)

Friendship together with Varahi sadhak (destroys if he slips out a wrong sentence ) 

and also with Pratyingira sadhak( if states something wrong by error plus it occurs ).

Varahi Amman is a powerful goddess. She's also known as Varthalithe goddess of Baramati. 

Rajasic Methods of Worshipping Varahi Amman to punish Evil Minds : 

The eight upavidyas connected with her that are cast to torture the individual (on whom the prayoga is cast) are :

Kekamati (individual always yells without knowledge ) 

Mainavati(sings madly and still), 

Madamati (experiences uncontrollable and intense sexual appetite, Mandamati(forgets what)

Moodhamati( receives convulsion or matches  

Khelamati(plays crazily daytime and nighttime 

Raktamati( suffers from bloodstream vomitings and moves 

along with charumati ( stops sleeping and eating, becomes feeble as nearly like a sword ). 

That's the ability of varahi.

One can very well keep her image or idol and worship in the house. Also, eating non-veg on the day of worshipping Varahi Amman is not an issue at all because she herself is Rajasic in Nature. 

As mentioned in the title, it's just a Glimpse of Varahi Amman, and I will try to give you more on Varahi Tantra in the future. 



ArunKumar S said…
Very powerful lord and outstanding explanation sir. Thanks a lot 😊🙏
Shalu said…
Superb ! Thank you so much , Guruji 😊😊😊
Recently I came to know about Varahi Devi. Am happy to get more about her from you. Thanks and pranam sir. I visited her temple unexpectedly on searching a jain temple near Tiruvanamalai. Right now I have not sure about the place. It's on the way to cheyar. Some remote village on the foot hills. Very big temple ancient one. It's look after by jain s monk. Without knowing anything just am visiting her sir. Now I get a little knowledge about this Matha. Thank s sir for your contributions. It's great help 🙏
Unknown said…
Nandri guruji
kaamalord said…
Thank you Sir for posting articles in text form.
Santhosh said…
I have a doubt regarding varahi pooja ,one malayali tantrik told me to that is we worship her and chant her Moola mantra more than 51 times even in night time she will paralyse our right side , he also said we should never utter her name during day time as this will anger her is this true.
Santhosh, If that was true thousands of my followers might have gone paralyzed. What you heard is not true and nothing like that said in any of our Granthas (Our Old Scriptures) about varahi.
gayethri said…
Dearest sir, it was so full filling reading your blog. A priest who performs varahi upasana told me that he won't be able to give me mantras or I won't be able to say out the moola mantra as I'm not completely vegetarian . He said that it's an utter need to be vegetarian. Please guide sir.
Hi gayethri, I will also recommend vegetarian food completely whether one has belief in god or not. In my view, one must stop eating rajasic foods and eating animals. As regards varahi there is nothing wrong in chanting moola mantra or worshipping varahi with other mantras if you're non-vegetarian. Plenty of my followers who are non-vegetarian worshipping her and getting her blessings. Whatever be the god, when you see them as your parents, then no need of any fear whomsoever the person says anything. No god will punish for being non-veg and worshipping them. Our own physical and mental body will deceive us one day when we eat rajasic foods. You can very well chant and pray varahi maa.
mona, kitty said…
Sir guruji, i am in a family issues faced due to my sister in law now this has resulted me in getting me away from my kids as well... Can this all be sorted and will my husband beleive me if i start praying varahi goddess... Please guide me how to do the pujas and what is the mantra fto be recited
Kavitha L said…
Hi guruji. Thanks for sharing about varahi amma. I'm currently facing lot of health issues. Now also not getting getting sleep due to some issue in my health . When i was searching for prayers at you tube. All of sudden i saw a post of varahi from past 15 days I'm praying . Nd visited varahi amma temple. My only wish please i need to recover from all health issues.. I'm having 3yrs son nd my husband. If I'm not there . My worries is who will look after my son. Now also I'm shuttered with tears.. i want to lead a healthy nd happy life with my family..even thought we r financial not stable.. but now health is very much important.. please pray for me..bcs I'm getting negative taughtz.. i left all my problems at amma feet. Chanting amma name .
KV said…
I am facing issues in finding a right alliance for marriage. Please suggest me the mantra which can be chanted also let me know when and how many times it has to be chanted
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