In VASIYAM, either TAMIL VASIYAM, I wish to give you all little caution of how certain black


magicians are casting VASIYAM (For Attracting or Influencing someone without their knowledge or wish through occult magick)for their clients. I'm not revealing the same in detail, which is not good.

Black Magicians (Only a few Capable ones here in South India) don't even know who will get affected and How? Just a few drops of Blood will do the magic! What it'll do? With Blood, one can make you fall for others in many ways easily. That's why our Indian ancestors say to be careful with Blood, Nail, and Hair. 


One should not clip their Nails anywhere. The same applies to the hair also. At the same time, Blood is not like that. Particularly for females. Black magicians who do VASIYAM and evil entities and spirits will very quickly get attracted to the Blood. 

Keeping the females separately and safely was cleverly planned by our ancestors; this is also one reason. They should also be careful if they met with any small accidents inside the home or outside.

For instance, if a small cut happens on a finger or anywhere in the body, mostly they wipe it off the Blood in tissue and throw it or wrap it in a hanky then throw the same or keep it wherever without cautiousness. This kind of action happens while they are at work. So many people who are reading this wonder about this or treat this as superstitious. 

I have seen many who are fallen in VASIYAM by these simple actions. In Hoodoo Magic, one can even make another crazy with these things. They call it blood magick. It is being practiced, and these spells are very well known for their effectiveness among Indonesians. In India, that too in south India also it is being done by some black magicians. 

Even witches used to do this kind of VASIYAM for males to fall for some particular persons (their clients);

Animal Blood is used far more than human Blood in the black magic spells to do VASIYAM (For Attracting or Influencing someone without their knowledge or wish through occult magick) and MAARANAM (To Kill Someone) on someone. 


Animal Blood is used in medicines too, even now by the Chinese and others. White, black cats and dogs, and Chickens Bloods are some of the favorite prey for black magicians. You might have seen offering the Blood of pure black, pure white goats, and chicken blood in the countryside by the general public to their favorite deities for desire fulfillment. This Black magic with animal blood also works more are less in the same principle. 

When somebody becomes sick in a particular shaman culture, they immediately call their head to examine whether anything related to evil entities exists. 

Females should be cautious while keeping all these in mind. One's menstrual cycle is considered a decisive witchcraft moment, especially when it lines up with the full moon Period. One might have heard so many stories even nowadays about certain people who dug graveyards and took skulls and all. Even some unknown body pains and accidents, mental agony will happen if unseen negative entities or spirits surround the Blood. 

So if we continuously neglect our ancestors' sayings, we may fall into trouble one or another day.


ArunKumar S said…
Eye 👀 opening information sir. Thanks a lot for sharing with us 🙏🙏🙏
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