Karuppu Manjal, known as Black Turmeric, ( Also called Karu Manjal or Kari Manjal)  is one of the most sacred and mystical herbs. Curcuma Cassia is the scientific name for this perennial rhizome that flourishes in tropical climates. It has many significant medicinal properties and is being used to treat a wide variety of illnesses. 

In addition, Karuppu Manjal (Black Turmeric) is an excellent herb to perform tantra practices. There is a long history here. ShriGuru.Vamanan Sesshadri was the one who solely introduced the tantric advantages of Karuppu Manjal (Black Turmeric) to Tamilians living in South India in 2013 via his Facebook page. ShriGuru also revealed its tantric benefits in detail through the Moondravathu Kann TV Program and an interview with Vendar TV. 

However, some unscrupulous people plagiarized and "stole" this information and disseminated incorrect information about the use of Karuppu Manjal (Black Turmeric) in tantric ceremonies to the public.

To make it worse, Karuppu Manjal (Black Turmeric) was planted everywhere and sold for a meager price to deceive the people about its tantric use. On the other hand, someone disputed the existence of Karuppu Manjal (Black Turmeric) itself. 

ShriGuru.Vamanan Sesshadri's Karuppu Manjal (Black Turmeric) is not a common herb obtained at the store. These are from the sacred tantric Bhoomi Madhya Pradesh and Orissa. This Karuppu Manjal (Black Turmeric) planting is a holy ritual performed by tantric gurus. They grow exclusive tantric plants after conducting special pooja on certain muhurta and Lagna by reciting mantras to give power to Karuppu Manjal (Black Turmeric). This maximizes the strength and provides miraculous results to the users. And these advantages are incomparable to other local merchants and internet retailers that make similar promises.

There are tremendous tantric benefits of the Karuppu Manjal (Black Turmeric), which ShriGuru. Vamanan Sesshadri offered. This marvelous herb is utilized primarily in the worship of Goddess Kali.

Some tantric experts prick their ring finger, mix a few drops of blood with the Karuppu Manjal (Black Turmeric), and apply it on their forehead to obtain more tantric powers and enhance their tantric spells.

While familiar people keep the Karuppu Manjal (Black Turmeric) either in black cloth or red cloth and place it at cash box, jewelry box, or pooja room to attract more abundance and prosperity in their lives. 

Some plant it in a red pot under shade within their house compound to create sarvavasiyam (Attraction Power). Before applying it on the forehead or planting it in a pot, the Karuppu Manjal (Black Turmeric) should be washed with Ganga water and then mix it using the ring finger of the right hand and chant "Om   Dhum Dhurgayai Namaha" 1008 times on the first day and 27 times from the second day onwards.

In addition, Karuppu Manjal (Black Turmeric) also has a compelling magic effect on husbands and wives. The woman must apply Karuppu Manjal (Black Turmeric) every day on her face and wash it off to maintain a harmonious marriage. 

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Article By: Shalu 

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